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Sardine Fish Powder

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Quantity: 70 g

Chuck rancid fish oils & add whole fish nutrition!
Elevate your pet's nutrition with our Dehydrated Sardine Fish Powder—an essential addition to their diet. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, it promotes heart health, reduces inflammation, and enhances coat shine. High-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals bolster immunity, aid weight management, and support joint health. 



Quantity: 70 g

Ginger's Box

"Fish is so important for our pets and the most difficult to cook & store - especially the smell and bones! I love this product for how convenient it is to feed & the fact that they come clean, with no preservatives! Great product."

Banni, Ginger's Good Mama

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Nothing but the best for your bestie - #mama_swear


What is sardine fish powder

Good Mama Sardine Fish Powder is crafted using a meticulous process that involves dehydrating whole, freshly sourced sardines. This method minimizes nutrition loss, preserving their nutritional value effectively. Once dehydrated, the entire sardine, including bones, is finely ground into powder. This results in a nutritionally rich product that serves as an exceptional daily supplement, offering essential fish nutrition, including protein, calcium, biotin, and various health-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Why are sardines a good choice for my pets?

Sardines stand out as the ideal choice for pets due to their smaller size, making them easier to digest and less likely to contain heavy metals. They're packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and essential nutrients, promoting optimal pet health.

I make fresh food for my pet. Do i still need them?

Yes. Our pets have complex nutritional needs that are easy to miss in everyday meals. Our nutrition toppers complement your fresh meals and help balance them nutritionally.

Do i need to add them with kibble?

Yes, you must. Many nutrients are highly sensitive and often gets oxidised or hard to add via kibble or commercial food format. Our nutrition toppers can help balance this.

Is it safe to give with other medications?

For most drugs yes. Please check with your vet for medications specific to your pet.