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Our range of herbal oils are the safest answer to everyday pet problems. Made using potent herbs & plant, our wellness range not only helps relieve but also build long term robust health.

FAQ's - Herbal Wellness

Are oils effective for pets?

Herbal oils have potent therapeutic properties & act as source of nourishment via skin. They are absorbed via multiple layers of skin thereby providing healing & nourishment within when massaged gently and consistently. Ayurveda especially emphasis on use of various plant oils for good health & healing.

What if my pet licks it from skin?

Your pet will lick it up from skin - that is why our oils are lick safe :)

How often can i use them?

Use them daily or as and when required. They are meant for consistent use for maximum benefits.

Are there any chemicals or steroids i should know?

No. Never! These are pure plant oils blended together for powerful health benefits

Are they safe to use with medications or other treatments?


How long will the results last?

Like all natural products, sustained use results in 1) preventive results (repel ticks, reducing inflammation etc) 2) Curative results (building stronger & robust immune system, improving mobility, joint lubrication etc). We suggest use them consistently and make them part of regular health regime for best benefits.

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