About Us

Welcome to Good Mama, where passion meets purpose in the realm of pet wellness with a desire to provide pets and their parents with nothing but the very best.

Good Mama was born from the love and care of a devoted pet parent, just like you. It all began about eight years ago when our founder's furry companion, their first beloved doggo, began suffering from relentless itching, and no mainstream remedies seemed to bring relief. Frustration turned into determination, leading us down the path of discovery. In the world of Ayurvedic formulations, we found a glimmer of hope and, to our amazement, witnessed the itching subside within just a week with the application of a simple topical remedy.

This transformative moment ignited an unwavering quest to unravel the truth behind commercial pet products. We started to scrutinize and question every ingredient, for we believed that our pets deserve better, cleaner, and more honest alternatives. That's how Good Mama was conceived.

Our mission is straightforward: No pet parent should ever be deceived by hidden additives or toxins. Our beloved furry friends deserve access to products that are as pure and wholesome as the love they bring into our lives.

At Good Mama, we are committed to making natural products for everyday use, products that your pet can consume and products that will love your pet back.

We take pride in crafting each item with the utmost care, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With Good Mama, you can trust that you're providing your cherished pet with the finest, cleanest, and most honest wellness products available.

Our journey began with a simple itch oil, and it has since evolved into a heartfelt mission to empower pet parents just like you.Join us in our commitment to transparency, purity, and unwavering love for our pets. Together, we're creating a world where every pet can thrive, naturally.

Welcome to the Good Mama family, where your pet's well-being is our mission, and their happiness is our inspiration.

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