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Hemp Seed Oil

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Quantity: 50ml

Discover nature's best all-rounder for your pet's vitality! Rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, it's a nutrient dense addition for healthy skin, coat, cognition, joints, and immunity. Embrace its soothing anti-inflammatory properties & heart and brain health enhancing nutrition. Elevate your pet's well-being with Good Mama's premium Hemp Seed Oil!


Quantity: 50ml

"Glad that i came across hemp seed oil & switched from regular commercial options for these two - their skin, energy and gut health are way better!
- Ankit

How to use

Apply Generously

Apply the oil throughout the coat (or itchy spots). Regular massages ensures a well moisturised skin and coat while maintaining its shine.

Massage Well

Gently massage ensuring absorption. While it moisturises the skin, massaging around joints helps getting absorbed internally and further helps with lubrication of joints.

Meal Topper

Add 1/4 tsp for small to medium & 1/2 tsp for large dogs in your pet's daily meals.

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Mama's Promise

Nothing but the best for your bestie - #mama_swear


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How is hemp seed oil different from hemp oil?

Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds and primarily used for its nutritional value, rich in omega fatty acids. Hemp oil, often referred to as CBD oil, comes from the hemp plant's flowers and leaves, and contains THC which has hallucgenic properties

Can i add and use daily?


Will my pet like the taste?

Its a herbal oil. Some pets may take a liking and some may not (much like humans) - when added in small quantities, the pets may not even notice the taste and benefit greatly through the nutrition.

Can i add this to meals?

Certainly, hemp seed oil is a valuable dietary supplement due to its great nutritional content. It can also be applied topically to promote the healing of hotspots, relieve itching, and enhance coat shine in pets.

Is it pure herbal? Are there any additives or mixes?

Its 100% and pure hemp seed oil - Nothing else.

Can I use this oil with other medications & supplements?


Could my pet be allergic to hemp seed oil?

Every pet is different. We advice small patch test on skin to check for any reactions.

How do i know its helping?

Similar to humans, when pets achieve balanced nutrition, they enjoy enhanced energy levels, improved skin and coat health, increased joint mobility, reduced discomfort, and overall better behavior. It's important to note that our products are not pharmaceutical drugs or steroids. The benefits occur gradually and align with your pet's well-being.