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Pain Relief Oil

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Experience the proven power of our Ayurvedic pain relief oil, offering natural relief from arthritis, stiffness, muscle injuries, and fractures, with no side effects. Ideal for pets with hip dysplasia, active adults, and seniors, our oil works slowly to relieve & repair the root cause of pain. It's free from chemicals and artificial additives, ensuring prolonged use without drawbacks. Witness their newfound comfort!


Milli's Recovery

At 11 years old, Milli experienced a tail and spine joint dislocation. Due to her age and arthritis, surgery wasn't viable. However, after just two months with our joint repair combination, she made a remarkable recovery and is now happy & wagging! 😊


How to use pain relief oil

Apply Thoroughly

With comb applicator, spread the oil in affected area. Massage the oil gently throughout the painful joints / muscles.

Gently Massage

Gently massage ensuring absorption. Massaging around joints helps getting absorbed internally helping it reach within the affected area.

Heat Pad

Follow with heat pad therapy for severe pain. Wrap the heat pad in a towel and gently press on the affected area.

Customer reviews

Mama's Promise

Nothing but the best for your bestie - #mama_swear


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Do i need to patch test first?

We recommend conducting a patch test for any topical application. Apply a small amount to a designated area and gently massage until the skin absorbs the oil. Observe your pet for any signs of restlessness or discomfort within 30-40 minutes. It's normal for pets to attempt licking, which is acceptable.

Why is good mama pain relief oil a safe alternative to otc NSAID's & pain killers?

NSAID's and pain killers are not cures. While they help manage acute pain in short term, with long term usage there are many harmful side effects. Good mama pain relief oil is made with natural herbs and oils that are both pain relieving and nourishing for better muscle & joint function.

My pet gets anxious while application

Pets may exhibit varying responses. If your pet tends to experience anxiety, consider allowing them to relax during the massage while providing some of their preferred treats, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience.

Can i add this to meals?

No, this is for topical application only.

How long should i keep it applied?

For severe pain, apply the oil daily and subsequently use a hot water bag for accelerated relief. It is recommended to massage this oil onto the limbs and spine after physical activity to facilitate muscle and joint recovery.

Can I use this oil with other medications & supplements?


Are there any allergens i should watch out for?

Kindly review the individual ingredients in the this product for any specific concerns.