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Power up your pet's weight loss efforts with our natural, safe, and toxin-free blend. Daily addition helps boost metabolism for efficient calorie use, improve digestion, and enhance nutrient absorption. Unlike harmful additives, our holistic topper supports satiety, fills nutritional gaps, and promotes overall well-being. Elevate your weight management naturally!.


A new her!

When lajjo along with her dedicated meals and walks & our blend, lost about 9kgs & transformed into a new her! Pure love for this one!


How Weight Nutrition Helps

Metabolism Boost

Amla is known to reduce weight. Rich in fibre it helps in satiation and metabolism of food. The nutrients present in amla improves digestion and metabolism.

Harad is known for its nutrient absorption and along with amla and hemp seeds, again helps in boosting metabolism and hence better calorie utilisation.

Enhances Satiation

The super seeds belend provides a holistic support as they are nutrient & fibre dense promoting satiation and nutrient absorption.

Re-Energising Properties

Apart from aiding weight loss efforts, the ingredients present in the weight support nutrition jar help gain a wide spectrum of nutrients and hence helping your pet's body receive a much needed energetic boost. The whole foods also help in absorbing the nutrients.

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Mama's Promise

Nothing but the best for your bestie - #mama_swear


How will this help weight loss?

Addressing slow metabolism, nutrient absorption, proper detoxification & improving satiation. All natural Ingredients added in this jar aims to do just this. Complimenting weight loss efforts.

Do i need to make changes in daily meals along with this?

You can add this to your daily meals as is. However, certain ingredients in daily meals act as barrier and hamper joint health. Let us help you design a joint friendly meal - get in touch!

How do i give this to my pet?

Add this to their daily meals, broths or while baking any treats!

can pregnant/lactating pets consume?

It is advisable to check with your vet for your specific case.

How does hemp seeds help weight loss?

Hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and fiber, aiding pet weight loss. These nutrients support a feeling of fullness, improve metabolism, and promote overall health, helping pets achieve a balanced weight.

What makes good mama weight support effective?

Unlike other supplements, our daily nutrition range is focused on balancing everyday meals with essential nutrition for maximum benefits. Instead of quick temporary fixes, we are aiming for building & nourishing long term health with right nutrition and its absorption

How does amla (indian gooseberry) promote weight loss?

Amla is a nutrient-dense fruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It aids pet weight loss by improving metabolism, promoting digestion, and supporting overall well-being, ensuring a healthier and balanced weight.

What is harad and how does it help in weight loss?

Harad is a natural herb. It aids pet weight loss by promoting digestion, reducing fat absorption, and supporting metabolic health, contributing to a healthier and balanced weight.

Do I need to add water with this?

It is great to mix it with liquid as that will prevent dehydration due to their absorption.

How long do I need to continue adding to see results?

The main goal is to supplement right & necessary nutrition to support long term health. Visible differences can be seen in 2-3 months (along with required dietary & lifestyle changes).

Do I need a prescription for these supplements?

No, they are more like nutrition toppers and definitely not chemical drugs

How does moringa help?

Moringa is a nutrient-dense superfood. It supports pet weight loss by providing essential nutrients, promoting a feeling of fullness, and enhancing metabolism, contributing to a healthier and balanced weight.

How will chia seeds help?

Chia seeds are nutrient-rich superfoods. They assist pet weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness, reducing appetite, and regulating blood sugar levels, aiding in healthy and balanced weight management.

How will pumpkin seeds help?

Pumpkin seeds are nutrient-packed seeds. They aid pet weight loss by providing a sense of fullness, reducing cravings, and supporting digestion, contributing to a balanced and healthier weight management.

Can I take Weight support with other medications & supplements?

In most cases, yes, but it's advisable to consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about potential interference with specific medications.

Are there any allergens i should watch out for?

Kindly review the individual ingredients in the this product for any specific concerns.